November 29, 2013

Call Us Crazy

Our kids wake up early, these days crazy early.  So when we heard that there is a really good deal going on at a local store we decided to go for it.  Yup, this family is all going shopping on Black Friday.  Some might call us crazy, we just call this family fun.

November 28, 2013

Thankful for 2 1/2 Inches

On this Thanksgiving day my heart, mind and soul are full.  I do my best to be thankful everyday for all the Lord has blessed me with but on this day, regardless of what the calendar says, it is fun to stop and let myself fill up on all we are blessed with around us.
 But today on my little blog I am going to side step the list of things I normally talk about on a Thanksgiving day to talk instead about our new joy.  Today I am able to celebrate 13 weeks of our third successful pregnancy.  Our little BK Deluxe is now 2 1/2 inches long, I can already feel the babe and its heart beat is going strong.  This unexpected joy will be joining us sometime around the first week of June.  In January we will get to find out just what the Lord has blessed us with, and yes, we are certainly going to try and find out.  
As the nausea, and hopefully tiredness, starts to subside as we enter our second trimester there is certainly a lot to rejoice in.  Our little family of four is set to be a family of five!

November 27, 2013

Thankfulness Year Round

Thanksgiving in Fairbanks doesn't look exactly like Thanksgiving in a lot of the USA.  We don't have pumpkins, fall leaves, crunchy grass stiff with an early morning frost, or a world of brown and red hues.  Nope, Thanksgiving here is white, snow, cold and most often dark.  But even though our world looks like Christmas a month early we are so thankful.  And when I think of thanksgiving I can't help but think of my garden.
The days in September when we harvest the last of what we have grown looks a lot like thanksgiving to me.  The cool weather, the red cheeks on children, fall colors and the anticipation of the cold.
 And as we prepare our thanksgiving meal, even months later, I will be making mashed potatoes,
 sweet glazed carrots, 
 pumpkin and rhubarb pie 
 all from the bounty of what we grew this summer.  
Filled out a survey recently about where I purchase most of the organic food that I feed my family.  What a wonderful feeling it was to click the "other" box.  In the description I was able to write...I grow most of the vegetables and we raised/hunted/caught most of the meat that our family eats.  Yes, that is something to be thankful for indeed.  Now if only I could figure out how to grow an orange tree in our basement for winter time vitamin C...we might just be set.

November 26, 2013

Why We Did It

Recently Josh has been spending evenings and weekends working on this and that.  After more than 6 1/2 years we wonder, why did we build a house that still needs building?  And after 6 1/2 years the repairs are now part of the new construction as well.  No, there isn't a ton of things left to do but there still is a list.
 But as tiring as trim (oh how we hate you trim, why must you look so good) can be the question of why we did it doesn't take us very long to answer.  We really love our house and are so very thankful for it every day.  How warm, comfortable, safe and how it fits us just right.  
Yes, maybe we should of done things differently but on this side of these 6 1/2 years we are thankful for what we have.  
Who knows, maybe trim painting elves will come in the night and then we can say the house is done.  You never know what magic could happen this time of year right:-)

November 25, 2013

Those Places We Love

As we start out this week of Thanksgiving I find myself enjoying looking at these pictures from a few months ago but also wanting to share with you what is going on NOW in the house.  So today, tomorrow and maybe Wednesday will be flash backs and then we will call is good.  I do love seeing these pictures again.  The green grass, the way the kids look so much younger (how does three months make such a difference?), and the memories from these times that the pictures were taken.
 These pictures were taken in the UAF botanical gardens.  It was the end of August and Grandma and just arrived the day before for a visit.
 The end of August weather is iffy so when it ended up being a warm day we headed out to one of my mother's favorite spots in Fairbanks.
 How thankful we were that we did.  Not only did we have a great time running around the gardens and enjoying grandma but
 little did we know the next day would turn cold and rainy and that weather would stay through the rest of my mother's two week vacation.
 But you know, when you are with those you love weather doesn't matter that much.  Company is so much better than a sunny day alone.  But when it comes to time in the gardens, company and nice weather is a perfect combination.
We can always remember this as the day that my mother also introduced Abigail to chewing gum.  Oh what a great day for her and a sad day for me.  I think since this day three months ago I have managed to enjoy two pieces of gum myself.  Long gone are the days of, "no it is yucky, mama just has to chew this because my teeth are sick."  Is it good to lie to a child?  No, but sometimes it works.  Thanks to grandma Abigail learned of the minty fresh taste that gum can provide.  Humm, at least it happened when Abigail was young enough not to hold my lies against me.

November 22, 2013

Why Must We Only Celebrate Once A Year?

If you follow this blog at all you know that we love Arts and Crafts.  You also know that I am always, always, looking for ideas for such Arts and Crafts.  Ideas that aren't as extreme as taking the whole day and a million supplies to accomplish.  So you can imagine my joy when after christmas last year we found the deluxe ginger bread kits (house and train kits) at Sam's club for $1.  Yup, you heard me right, one dollar.  Who can pass that up right?
 But then those lovely kits sat and sat and sat because I really never was ready to face the job of lots of pieces of candy and a two year old alone.  Lucky for us Grandma visited, she is artistic and she thinks that every two year old (well at least her grandkids) can have a little candy now and then.
Where it was decided that they would only build 1/2 the kit (just the house portion) and save the train for me, they had a great time.  Grandma did a lot of piecing together and Abigail did a lot of sampling.  Who says that ginger bread houses are only for December instead of August?  (just like dying eggs really should never just be kept for Easter).  Let the fun be enjoyed all year long.

November 21, 2013

Her Perspective

Abigail loves the camera.  My main camera died after many years last spring. Since then I have been using a small point and shoot.  It is easy for Abigail to use and whenever she can get her hands on it she does.
 Someday soon I hope to replace my old camera with a nice one.  When I do Abigail will be gifted my small one for her own.  But until then it is just fun for me be surprised by the pictures she has taken when I download my camera onto the computer.  

Here are just a select few...

From cereal bowls to family members we are never sure what she will see as photo worthy.  Photography is a fun hobby for sure, good thing she is starting early.

November 20, 2013

Sunny Day

Today I post pictures that were taken for no other reason besides
 the fact that it was a sunny day, Grandma was visiting us from Texas, 
 we were all dressed up and together.
But then when we think about it, what other reasons do I really need?

November 19, 2013

Fun With Daddy

I love this little video.  Just goes to show that with Josh as daddy you just never know what fun will be created.  
I like doing this clean up week.  Not only is my blog folder looking better but as the weather drops to very cold temperatures here and the snow falls and falls I get to look at pictures and videos of green grass and fall leaves.  Where did those days go?

November 18, 2013

A Train Ride For All

This fall our little family got to participate in something very fun.
 The Alaska Railroad was hosting a huge convention and were offering their guests a chance to go on a ride into Goldstream valley and back to Fairbanks.  Lucky for us they offered this deal up to those of us in Fairbanks as well.
 It turned out to be the perfect weekend since Josh's parents were also in town
 and so they were able to enjoy this fun fall day with us.
 It is always fun to go and do something in your own town that usually only the tourist get to do.
 And when you live in Fairbanks usually the shortest ride you can take is a 3 hour one way to Denali.
With little kids the chance for a hour and a half round trip was perfect.
As the snow and temperatures fall outside it is so fun to look back at these fall pictures and remember such a fun day.

November 15, 2013

The Way This Blog Works

The way my blog has worked for years is that when I upload a picture I like onto the computer I put it in a folder just for the blog.  After I have completed a post with that picture in it I move the picture to a permanent folder and we move on.  This system works and keeps my blog pictures handy and easy  to find.  Typically my blog folder has 10/12 pictures at a time.  Well, since this fall has been such a busy time my blog has not been able to have as many posts as I would like.  Thus my blog folder of pictures is overwhelmed.  

I therefore officially have decided that for the next few days I will play catch up.  A messy blog folder bothers me.  If this blog is anything it shouldn't be something that bothers me.  So it is play catch up or just give up the blog all together.  So, here is to a few days of cleaning.
 Some of the pictures you will see will be silly and maybe you wonder why they are even in the blog folder to begin with.  But I guess that is where I can say it is my blog and just things I liked.  Such as pink baby hanging out in my pantry.  This picture was actually taken last spring.  I never came up with a whole post surrounding this day but the discovery of small, and very beloved toys, in non toy areas always makes me smile.  
And this picture.  Well you can see from Ethan's exersaucer (which we haven't even owned since June) is old.  But oh how I love this picture and the "outfit" Abigail chose to wear this day.  A town shirt, with pj pants, a skirt, fancy shoes that were too big, all covered with a baby girl slip my grandma bought my sister many many years ago in England.  She felt so very beautiful indeed.

So be prepared. The following posts might be random, out of order and hop between seasons but soon we will be back on track!

November 14, 2013

Random Thing

The weather here has been icy.  Snow, then freezing rain, then snow again.  Lots of wind, lots of lost power.  This weather pattern happens around Thanksgiving every year.  Kind of is a mess.

There are a few new roads in Fairbanks that were built/improved over the summer.  I Love them.  I find they get me where I need to go so much faster, are open, fewer lights and so minimal congestion.  As I drove on them the other day I said, "boy do I love these new roads."  Abigail responded, "I love them too, but Ethan doesn't like them.  No, he likes cats and boots."  Ha ha, good to know

There is a lot of discussion about Abigail's birthday recently.  She is so excited.  She really learned what a birthday was when Ethan had his in September.  Christmas is still a mystery to her but her birthday, oh boy.  Right now we have a small guest list for a party and discussion of pink K-cups (cupcakes), green lollipops and M&M's.  Should be one for the books.

On the discussion of Thanksgiving and Abigail's birthday, how is it already the middle of November?  I am way behind on my thinking this year.  How did I loose track of time so badly?

Klystra's Bucket days 

November 13, 2013

Marine Life

My friend Heather is an amazing marine biologist.  It is for this reason that she takes her yearly trip up to Sitka, Alaska.
 Since even though the town is small, Sitka is a marine town for sure.  The city itself is on an island along the southeast coast of Alaska.  Standing on the beach Heather never stops scanning the water and pointing out to me the spouts of whales she sees among the islands off shore.  To my untrained eye her ability to see things like this never ceases to amaze me.
 The rainy weather kept the kids off the beaches during the days but lucky for us there is a science center with huge touch tanks for the kids to explore in.
 And since Heather was with us the kids got much more out of our trip to the science center that just discovering squishy things.
Yes, I too am a scientist but when it comes to me I know rocks, glaciers, and volcanoes.  How fun it is to flip over the other side of science and hang out with friends who know so much about the living side of this world.  

November 12, 2013

Fall Time Arts and Cracks

Our garden pumpkins have been sitting in our high windows since September where they have slowly been turning orange.
 The time had come to cut them up, roast them and make them into something tasty.  
 But before we did that we decided that arts and cracks time was necessary. Shapes, animals, letters and squiggles were drawn all over our garden treasures.  
Lucky for Abigail the fun continued after the pumpkins were baked.  Nothing is really more fun than smashing a bowl of pumpkin filling.  Later that day as she took a bite of pumpkin pie she declared that it tasted very good since it must have come from the pumpkin that had a rabbit and cat drawn on it.  She said that rabbits and cats make all things taste better, good to know.

November 11, 2013

From Snow to Rain and the Friends Who Made It Sunny

Last week the kids and I flew to Sitka, Alaska.
 When it takes five hours to fly somewhere and you are in the same state it is easy to say that yes, we certainly live in a big place.  (the flight to Sitka was the milkman run where the plane takes off and lands multiple times but remains the same flight, this is one of those "only in Alaska" sort of things)
 Both Fairbanks and Sitka are called Alaska but are as different as night and day.
 And as much fun as it was to step into a place that my friend loves and to see all the beauty it holds,
It was the most fun to spend time with my friend and her beautiful girls.  
Yes, two mamas (one from fairbanks and one from north carolina) and four kids under the age of 3 makes for a fun few days indeed.  It is always easier to stay home but trips like this, as tiring as they can be, are so fun and are what make life beautiful indeed.

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