April 18, 2013

Time For Tea

Five years ago Josh and I ventured south to visit Josh's grandparents in Arizona.  While there we were gifted a small tea set that was Josh's grandma's when she was a little girl.  Since then I have had that special tea set carefully packed away, waiting.
I try to do special things with Abigail off and on through out the day, as I try to do with Ethan.  I struggle each day trying to parent two, how do parents of more do it?  The other day I realized that this little tea set might just be what my girl and I needed.
Little cups of water, little plates for snacks and boy we were set.
Abigail loved getting the chance to learn how to pour the "tea" all by herself.
And she picked up really fast on the right way to drink from her cup.
In the days since she has also learned that a tea party can happen just about anywhere.  Even though we only have two cups and plates we didn't mind sharing with her dolls and favorite dog Violet.  How thankful I am to Grandma Klynstra for holding on to her childhood treasure that is now getting the chance to brighten my girl's childhood too.  How we do love our tea time.


Anonymous said...

The pinky is essential and Abigail seems to have gotten it on her first try. Adorable post.

mother said...

Oh-this is just WONDERFUL!!!!! And the pinkie and little spot under the table--I'm just grinning from ear to ear thinking how happy she (and you) are! "One lump or two?"

heath said...

This is so sweet!!! are they plastic or glass?? Love that it's your favorite color too...love it!

Now does this set get put away and only come out on special days for A or is it out for her to use anytime?

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