April 5, 2013

Things We Did

In looking at all of the remaining pictures from Hillary's visit I could easily do a long post on each one.  But life hurries on and there are other things to share and post about next week.  So in this post I am just picking a few of the pictures that have stories to share.
One of the things Hillary and I did a little bit each day was sort and clean cabinets, closets, drawer and such.  It was a wonderful week of spring cleaning.  Those areas of the house that are on the "some day" list were brought to light.  Now, even a week and a half after Hillary has gone home, I smile at my neatly folded linen closets, organized bathroom drawers and bags of items set aside to donate to those who might need them.  We did work on this each day but over the weekend when Josh was home we went a little crazy.  We took advantage of Josh's help with the kids to work with a little less distraction. I did stop at one point to snap this picture of Josh and the kids.  They thought mama and Aunt Hillary causing havoc in the house to in the end provide order was a fun show to watch indeed.
We also took advantage of being together to go get a picture taken together at Walmart.  We brainstormed different ideas of how to make this picture fun and different from others.  Ethan's idea was to all be wearing headbands.  Alas we came up with a different idea but it was a fun while we tried it out.
Yes, time together with Hillary was memorable for us all.  Ethan for instance might always remember how he lost the carrot he was chewing on and no matter how he looked in his toy basket he just couldn't find it.  I do think that Abigail will for many years think that sanitary pads are just stickers for when she is good.  Luckily the one she "earned" for good behavior from Hillary has lost its stickiness and I could make it "disappear" one night after Abigail went to bed. 
But whether it was making homemade ice cream, taking walks where our hair froze, having the kids swim in the bathtub because we didn't want to drive to the pool, or just laughing together at youtube videos, the weeks together was fun indeed.  Looking forward to the next time we are together again for sure.


Anonymous said...

Oh the blast of mint in those marshmellows. What a fun trip- thanks for making it happen!

mother said...

Great pics of fun and crazy times together! I must admit that seeing Ethan in the pink highchair with the pink bib and headband on his bald head made the laugh the hardest! My third granddaughter?

Abigail is cuddling her baby doll (Is that Turkey?) like Daddy is cuddling Ethan. :-)

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