April 15, 2013

The Hunt

Even though Easter has long past, I still wanted to share these fun pictures with you.  
Easter was such a good but very tiring day on our girl that as the end of the day approached we realized she was just too tired to enjoy her egg hunt.  So the eggs were set aside and the next day after daddy came home from work we introduced her to the world of hunts.
She loved it.  Eggs here, eggs there and she was in heaven.  She ran around finding them in all sorts of fun places that her daddy had found to hide them.  
Josh was eager for her to find them all but our girl was very happy to find one or two, stop and open them, and then get super excited to realize there were still more to be found.  The treats inside were small graham crackers in the shapes of bunnies that were quickly consumed.  After the hunt was over each egg was double checked to make sure none were left closed with their prize.
As the eggs and basket were set aside for next year our girl was so sad to realize this fun was over.  For a few days afterwards she would ask for them over and over.  I do believe, like coloring the eggs, these plastic eggs will come out of storage to be enjoyed again BEFORE next year.  Something this fun can't possibly be enjoyed just once a year now can it?

1 comment:

heather said...

I Agree!!! Let's have egg hunts for every holiday :)What did A say when she found her first egg? Anything special?

I love the shot of E with the bunny ears...hehe!!!

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