April 3, 2013

The Art of Relaxation

As I mentioned yesterday, Hillary is a wonderful aunt.  It was so fun to have her come into our lives and shake things up.  She did funny, silly things with the kids that this 24/7 mama just doesn't think to do.  She was so much help to me with projects at home and also in keeping my kids laughing all week long.
This little video is Abigail learning the art of yoga.  Hillary thought the way Abigail sat with her legs all crossed was funny so she helped her to apply that to bring relaxation to our lives.  Abigail and relaxation are not two things we often hear in the same sentence so anything can help!


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could squeeze her now- I miss them!

mother said...

And, for the moment anyway, all in the household were happy!

heath said...

Auntie Hil is the BEST!
love that grin that E has.. :)

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