April 16, 2013

Spring Time In Alaska

This past weekend was sunny and warm enough for us to venture out.  Even though winter is holding on tight to us this year there were still things to do.  
Josh does most of these outdoor chores but when we can we all love to get out and "help" him.
Six years ago this past weekend we bought our property.  It was all those years ago that we cleared the trees and brush for the driveway to be put in.  This past weekend it was time to finally burn down that pile.
The freezing temperatures and all the snow might confuse some but yes, we know it is spring time in Alaska.


mother said...

Were there marshmallows???
Remember the old quote for a "chatequay thaw" up in the North country? "Rain, snow and 40 below!"

heath said...

hmm, thought I already read and commented on this one before the boat? anyways, great photos and fun memories of walking the property with you all 6 years ago and hearing you dream...what a blessing!

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