April 4, 2013

Santa's World

For some people visiting Alaska is a one time experience.  Or maybe just a dream and will never be a reality.  When you have a sister who is living in Alaska, the situation is entirely different.  This trip north was my sister's 5th in the 10 years I have lived here.  There is a lot more to the state that I would rather she see than just Fairbanks but that hasn't always worked out.  
 On this trip she mentioned that she had never had the chance to visit North Pole, Alaska.  The town that is just 12 miles south of Fairbanks.  
 So we bundled the kids up and headed out to visit Santa's house one day.  
 It was fun to watch the kids marvel at the sparkle and shimmers of the Christmas decorations, music and smell that filled Santa's house.  
 My sister also agreed with me that the best part of the entire place was the letters to santa that cover every single wall.  Oh I love reading them.  And yes Heather, I showed her the Chihuahua letter, hehe.
 Even though the forecast was for a warmer day it didn't really turn out that way.  We didn't mind too much, so we took the time to say hi to Santa's reindeer who are enjoying their months of rest.
Because it was March, Santa was on vacation too.  But we enjoyed the chance to sit in his chair and feel the power.
We laughed when Abigail's favorite part of the entire day was seeing baby Jesus.  We had to do everything in our power not to have her climb in the manger with him.  In the end we lifted her up to kiss baby Jesus so we could leave.  As we walked away at the end of the day she turned to wave at Santa's house and said, "Baby Jesus bye-bye.  Abigail be back soon."
Yes, our trip to the north pole was fun indeed.  

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heath said...

so many reasons that i love this post...i hope i can remember them without looking at the pics/words.
1. i love abigails hat and boots. both are super cute!
2. Hil looks sooo happy with the kiddos and to be at Santa's house
3. Did you gals go get milkshakes YET?
4. I was laughing at the pic of A with baby Jesus. It's incredibly sweet how much she loves Jesus....and it only seems natural (a Davis thing) that she would WANT to jump into a display with Jesus. I think if had there been actual ROPES surrounding Jesus to keep kids out, you would have let her in ;) A kiss will do :)
5. The pic of you and the kids on Santas chair is a great photo!!! That should go on a photo ornament...hmmm
6. Thanks for showing Hil the chihuahua post...i laughed b/c I was wondering if you had...

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