April 23, 2013

My Help

Abigail loves to be my helper.  She even likes to proclaim, "good helper," after she helps me with something.  To this I alway tell her she sure is and smile.  
Well, it would seem that someone else wants to be a helper these days too.  Could any other mama be so blessed to have this much "help" making dinner?  

Abigail also loves to help us all get dressed.  On this day I too had a red shirt.  She was so happy we all matched all day long.  Yes, a helper she is for sure.  Ethan has a good example to learn from.


mother said...

These are GOOD days when a little girl can be thrilled that her little family is color coordinated!

heath said...

haha!!! you all had red on? that's very cute! What good little helpers you have...with a side of CUTENESS!

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