April 8, 2013

Green Brings Hope for Spring

This past weekend we have had negative temperatures, once again, and an on going snow storm.  Not to "springy" of weather for April.
But inside we have green and growth.  For even though the world outside is cold and white, we do have dreams of the garden and summer months ahead.
Nothing really dispels winter blues like the feel of dirt in your hands.  This year, as I plant seeds, I get to have a helper.  Abigail has become really good at helping me get these seeds ready.  She loves making the holes, dropping in seeds and patting the soil over them.  
But her favorite part is getting to water the seeds.  Each day she reminds me that we have to wait and watch to see them grow.  As I watch her help me I smile because this year's seeds aren't the only thing growing fast around here!  


Anonymous said...

Those little flower shoes were a GREAT find. She is an adorable little helper.

heath said...

so very sweet! what a great helper she is...just think...next year, you'll have little E to help too!!!!!! so excited for the beginning of such a beautiful season in your home ;)I love how seedlings, gardening, & sunshine give such personal and hopeful meanings to the Klynstra family....I personally look forward to all the blogs to come where things are green, colorful, and rich with tastes and fun :)

mother said...

It is super that she is learning the wonder and joy of growing things. Just wait until she discovers how big and productive those plants become in the weeks ahead. I am still thrilled by the potential hidden in a tiny, brown and nondescript seed. Each one a reminder of how God sees each of us!

By the way, where is her tiny watering can? Wouldn't that be easier for her to manage?

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