April 9, 2013


The days of summer are short up here in Alaska.  Thoughts of fresh produce from our garden and local farmers just makes us giddy with excitement.  That being said, something has to be done about the 9 1/2 months of the year where we really aren't getting anything fresh from our area.  It is then that I am super thankful to live in a day and age of mass production and shipping of produce.  Because when pineapples are ripe in Costa Rica you can bet that we here in interior Alaska are waiting for them.  Last week these golden beauties went on sale for cheaper than even what we found in Hawaii last fall.  
I couldn't help but share this picture with you because it makes me laugh every time I look at it.  I originally was taking pictures of Ethan and the fun he was having chewing on the core of the pineapple.  Later when I was loading the pictures I noticed the little girl hand reaching up to snatch another piece of fruit.  Yup, we sure do love it fresh, so much so that it sure doesn't stay around for long.


mother said...

"I see that hand!" (The busses will wait...)

Honestly, the little "extras" in old pictures and videos are what tickle me the most, like this wee, sneaky hand.

heath said...

very fun moment to capture :)
does ethan LOVE it?

Anonymous said...

That was a cute find... sneaky little girl- her "one" must not have had enough vitamin C for her.

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