April 24, 2013

First Signs

The past few days have actually been above freezing here in Fairbanks during the day.  You can not even begin to grasp the joy that comes with the dripping of snow off of the roof.  In some parts of the world spring is defined by tulips, robins and green grass.
 Well, here you can see from my yard that my first sign of spring has arrived although it is no where near the ground.
 The first load of laundry has been hung out to dry outside.  Yes, for me spring really has arrived.  (And you can tell that we are a cloth napkin family from this load of laundry, ha ha.) 
Even though the forecast for today is snow, the deck days of the year have arrived once again.  


mother said...

Oh the JOY of the clothesline and the fresh outdoor fragrance of the dry laundry!!!! I laugh to see all the blue napkins! (Have you been saving up all winter long???)
Ethan is loving the fresh air, isn't he?

heath said...

(I'm laughing at the blue napkins too....) How wonderful to enjoy the 'spring'..you sure do find ways to appreciate every little season Kathleen :) Ethan looks happy and I really like the clothes line shadow photo :)

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