April 10, 2013

Ethan At Seven Months

I realized the other day that I haven't done any recent posts on just the kids and what they are up to.  I love these posts because as the days are busy they are just what I need to be able to look back on and remember this time.  Even though people have said it would be different with the second child I am still amazed at just how very different it is.  I love watching Ethan grow along side of Abigail but stop and remind myself often to just enjoy his small changes and growth as something special just unto him.  
 When I last about Ethan he was just starting to roll over.  This then lead to more and more carpet/unhindered play.  He loved when I just put toys all around him and laid him down in the middle.  He would roll around finding toys to play with.
 This quickly progressed to supported sitting.  With the couch behind, pillows on each side and the toy basket in front this boy was set.  He loves, loves, loves his toy basket.  These are just baby toys I have pulled out of storage and keep set aside from Abigail's things.  They are Ethan's to play with and all are great for chewing, grasping, and banging which is just what he needs right now.
 The supported sitting is also something of the past here as well.  We do keep an eye on him where he gets set, especially if Abigail is near to give him a "hug" that might knock him over, but he no longer is supported at all.  These growth developments mean that the bouncy seat, baby swing, activity mat and the bumbo are no longer in use.  The bumbo stays out since Abigail loves to use it but I find us moving more and more towards books, toys and interaction with Ethan instead of just gear.  The high chair has also become a place of play as well as eating.  

This boy has become somewhat of a picky eater, humm how can I be so blessed to have two of these?  I prepare something for him each of the 4 times during the day that we sit down with Abigail to eat.  Sometimes he goes crazy and sometimes he just sits with his mouth closed and complains.  So frustrating but since this is my second time around the block I am much more patient.  I know the time with come.  We went thought a bout where he wouldn't nurse during the day if there was anything, and I mean anything (a bird flying by the window could be a major distraction) going on.  Luckily he and I have found a small solution and nursing has continued ok since when Ethan doesn't nurse during the day he gets all of his milk at night, and mama doesn't get any sleep.
Our little man is also a talker, or squealer you might say.  He loves to make noise.  He also loves to study things.  When I hold him he often will hold his hands up to the light and move them that way and this way.  I love how those chubby little fingers are such a fascination to him.  
Yes my big boy you really are growing fast.  Two weeks ago he weighed in at 22 lbs and 28 inches.  He doesn't like teething, eating when he doesn't want to, and being told it is time to sleep, even if he is tired, but over all he is a very happy boy.  When he gets up for a nap he loves to cuddle into my shoulder and smile at me.  What a wonderful way to be greeted.  Oh how we are blessed.


heath said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, love him! thanks for this wonderful post ;) I love watching him grow...this makes me feel not so far away from you all

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! How very precious!

mother said...

Great pic of the little man in the hat!! What a doll. And he doesn't often give that non-smiling, serious face, does he? Such a beauty he is.

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