April 2, 2013

Colors in Life

This week's blog posts are going to cover different things we did during my sister's visit.  It was a wonderful week full of simple things done each day.  Our time spent with Hillary was all about family. Us enjoying her and she getting the chance to enjoy us.  No other agenda was planned at all.
 In the days that she was here, she became Abigail's most favorite person ever.  Hillary was funny, spontaneous, goofy, broke the rules, full of energy and over all the most perfect aunt a toddler could have.
 When I was in Texas I had bought some nail polish to decorate Abigail's nails but we just hadn't gotten it done yet.  Aunt Hillary was more than happy to be the first to introduce Abigail to nail polish.  
Even a week and a half later, every time Abigail sees her nails we have to stop and talk about how pretty they are.  Abigail is also quick to remind us that Aunt Hillary also has pretty nails.  It really doesn't mean much to her that her mama also has painted nails since Aunt Hillary's are the most beautiful.  Thank you Aunt Hillary for sharing some of that beauty with us!


heath said...

...and so it begins....ha! we know it too!

Anonymous said...

I loved that when she took her shoes off for the first time after her nap she couldn't believe the nail polish was still there... it was so cute.

mother said...

Sweet pictures, Abigail so intent on what Hill is doing to her nails.

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