April 17, 2013

An Outing for a Sunny Day

Even as it snowed again last night and we continue to wait for greener/warmer weather we are doing our best to enjoy the days we do have.  Abigail and I like to look out the window before breakfast each morning and I love when she parrots me in say, "Mama, it is a nice sunny day."  Yes, the snow is still here but at least the sun is trying to be too.
Temperatures in the 20's made it fun to be out of the house the past few days for sure.  During one outing Josh took Abigail for a walk down to the frozen swamp across the road.  They went looking for bunnies, animal tracks, and fresh air.  Along the way Abigail enjoyed sampling the snow all around her.
That night Abigail prayed, "Thank you God for snow."  Well, my dear, God is answering your prayers this year.  I for one feel like the snow might never go away.  We will have to just wait and see.


mother said...

she's an outdoor girl for sure! Fun time with Daddy looking for animal tracks and bunnies. I still love the woods in snow, especially little mouse tracks running around the trunks of trees. I remember the mouse tracks ending with the imprint of hawk wings and a few feathers while we were out skiing. do you?

heath said...

so very fun how much A embraces the world around her. Maybe we need to take lessons off of our girls... So much fun that daddy takes her out to enjoy all that your land and surrounding area has to offer :) She's a lucky girl

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