April 12, 2013

Abigail at 28 Months

Abigail, you are growing up so very much these days.  Each day I watch you, the way your brain works, the way you interact with life around you and I am so very amazed at all you do.
 You are full of energy and still love to just randomly run around and around objects such as the couch or Ethan's bouncy seat.  We love our dance parties in the kitchen and you still beg daddy to throw you up into the sky every night when he comes home from work.  You are fearless!!!
 You have progressed from small plates to larger/sectioned plates at meals.  Even though meals can sometimes still be a fight they are getting so very much better.  You also have grown out of the sippy cup that is in this picture and now if you are at home only drink out of a cup.  Yes, that has meant some spills but it is so worth it.  You are really careful when you eat and remind us that you must have a napkin to wipes your face and hands with.  

You help set the table and know who to carry the plates, flatware, napkins and condiments over to the table and where to place them.  This is a wonderful task for you in the evenings when you are hungry for dinner and mama needs just a few more minutes to finish things up.
 You are so grown up and each morning I am reminded of that.  You love to pick out your own clothes and you have very particular, and usually non-matching outfits, that you love.  You then put everything on yourself with very little help.  We had a big day last week when I laid out a sweater for you to wear and you buttoned it up yourself.  You love to put on your own shoes and boots and can tell me which side is left and which is right.  With taking care of your brother, this mama is so very thankful for your independence.  
 You are learning all of the time.  You love to count, and count things all day.  You are also starting a lot of letter recognition.  You will study words and letters and point to a letter, such as a D and say doggie or P and say Panda bear.  Just a start but such an exciting one it is.  I love how everything you do has a connection to something else.  You are doing so much better at coloring and have recently started really figuring out the interlocking puzzles that we have.  

Your brain is running all the time and even last night over dinner you sat and told your daddy all about your day.  The conversation moved on but for the next half hour you sat eating and would randomly call out things we saw earlier in the day as you process all we had done.  You also do this every night when you go to bed, thus it often takes you a long time before you can fall asleep.  Your body gets tired but your mind really never seems to.
There is so much more you are doing and learning each day I know I just touch the tip of it all in this post.  I just want to be able to look back on this and remember you as small and full of life that you are.  How thankful we are for you our girl.  As much as we love seeing all the new things you can do we hate to see you grow up so fast.  


Mother said...

What a special girl!!!

heath said...

LOVE THIS.....a perspective that only a momma can have...

Anonymous said...

My favorite line is that " everything we do has some connection to something else" I found that to be true with her too- she has a great memory and is always figuring things out and a lot of that comes from stuff she has already seen or done.

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