April 19, 2013

A Story for My Boy

Once upon a time there was a mama who was excited to see spring.  It had been a long winter and this mama was looking forward to being outside in the dirt of her garden.  
She was pregnant and had had a very hard spring.  She was so thankful to be able to be out, bending, digging and planting her little starts.
As the summer went on her garden grew.  As her garden grew so did the baby boy inside of her.
The long days of summer started to shorten and the produce in the garden was getting big and tasty.
And as this mama picked the last of her vegetables before the fall frost she was also getting ready to go to the hospital to meet her baby boy.
While in the hospital for a few days a moose came to visit this mama's garden.  It started to eat the produce that she hadn't had time to harvest before the big delivery. 
So home that mama came with her brand new baby and with no time to waste she headed out to the garden.  There were plenty of carrots who still needed to be saved before more visitors come to call.
That baby was cuddled, swaddled and laid to rest in the days to come so that mama could scrub and wash each one of those orange treasures.
Even as the baby marked his first few days here with this family the carrots were chopped, blanched and set aside for the winter ahead.
And for you my baby boy.  I can not begin to tell you how fun it is to watch you eat these, and love these, carrots that you were such a part of growing.  You were with me each step of the way.  I know you will be part of each growing season to come but when I plant carrots every year I will always think of you, when I was pregnant with you and how your first food came from our garden even though you didn't eat until March/April.  There are many reasons to garden I know but for me, watching my family grow on what we grow is the best reason of all.


Anonymous said...

What a cute connection. It is like the weird book about the polar bears comparing the world to the growing bear fetus... only better ;-)


mother said...

You look SO HAPPY in each picture! Gardening has a kinship relationship with you!

heath said...

This is so very sweet and thoughtful....I'm so happy that you LOVE gardening....the joy you get from it is all over your face and I know it brings you true joy to sustain your family with your hard work!

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