March 13, 2013

When There Is No Snow

Abigail loves to climb, slide, swing and be outside.  These are all hard things to accomplish during the cold of winter at home.
So when we were in Washington
And in Texas
With Ethan
Friends and Cousins
No matter if it was cool, windy, a little rainy, or bright and sunny
We got outside and went to parks and playgrounds.  Now that we are back home and all of our playgrounds are still covered with snow we are so thankful for each and every one of those adventures.  I just hope those happy memories can hold us just a little while longer as we wait for spring to arrive.  

1 comment:

heath said...

and we had so much fun playing with you outside at the parks....You do such a great job of appreciating being outdoors and showing your kiddos this too!! I love this about you...some folks just wouldn't want to go out with their kids if it's 'drizzling'...


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