March 5, 2013

They keep growing

 My latest project has had me making more wood chips than usual.  while the kids are still small I have been wanting to  make a board I can hang on the wall to mark their height.  Kathleen and I started talking about designs and ideas to make it look nice over a month  ago. From there I have gone through a series of ideas on finally settled on what is below. The wood I selected for this project is one of the few remaining boards I milled from trees from our yard. This one still has the natural edge, which made hand planing somewhat more time consuming since I could not put a square on any surface to compare them.  That just means more learning opportunities.
Something i have very little experience with is carving.  I have a set of carving chisels that have been collecting dust for over 5 years.  They have finally been cleaned off and some of them have been sharpened for use.  
Below is the height board after sanding is completed. Since we need to be able to write on the wood I have not put any finish on yet.  The next step is to decide where it will best fit in the house.

1 comment:

heath said...

so very cool!!! i'm very excited to see the finished product and watch it get filled up with little tick awesome you guys!

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