March 21, 2013

The Time That Warms The Bones

Our time in Texas didn't last as long as we wished it could have, but isn't that that way it is with most good vacations.
 As I reflect back on all the pictures I took over those 10 days I love the sun and all the thing we did in it.
 The wind that came with those sunny days didn't really let us feel too much of the heat we had expected too but that didn't stop us from enjoying that sunshine regardless.
 I love that at Abigail's age it was the times spent at home playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, her cousin's scooter, and so many other "new" things that were the happiest times.  I know that in the years to come there will be more of a need to entertain her and Ethan with outings but for now it is just the play in the sun that makes her happy.  
 And after seeing so many pictures of Abigail you might just wonder where Ethan was.  Oh, he was there.  This new baby skin of his was very well guarded during our times down south.  Because even though the wind made the days cool the sun can still hurt baby skin.  So as Abigail played he was kept close, but usually in the shade.
As we packed our bags to fly home we soaked up the last of the Texas sun as we got ready to return to the winter days at home.  But as wonderful as the sunshine was, it was the time spent with those that love us so much that really keeps us warm as the days go by.  Can't wait until we are together again.


Anonymous said...

Such a nice picture! carol

heath said...

Oh how I wish I could sit down and look through ALL the photos with you...and hear the stories associated with them....

Such beautiful memories! So happy for you three. AND, you said it best at the's those in our lives that warm the heart :)

mother said...

Old man" Jabba the hut" in his stroller. hahaha

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