March 22, 2013

The Stowaway

As we settled back in at home the process of unpacking began.  Oh, what a process it was.  Little kids, I find, love when a duffle bag is opened and things start to pour out.  It is just an invitation to them to go explore and drag items to various parts of the house that really aren't the parts of the house they are supposed to go to at all.  Yes, these days unpacking is a bit of a process but it does help me settle back into the groove of being home indeed.
And as we unpacked I saw Abigail in the corner one day playing.  When I looked at what she was entertained with I noticed it was a little stone angel that used to sit on the dresser in my mother's guest room.  Yes, it seemed indeed we had a stowaway.  To Abigail it was a little bit of her grandparents' house that she could bring home.  After a trip there are always memories to process as we unpack.  Grandma and I are pleased that Abigail has her little stowaway to help her transition home while keeping the memories of Texas fresh.


heath said...

so sweet :)

heath said...

she looks great in ORANGE!

mother said...

I echo Heather on the looking good in orange! Wow! And that silly angel has been a random part of Christmas decorations for years--once it actually had a fragrance and was a potpourri. The only reason it was in the quest room is that I somehow missed it when packing away ornaments this January. haha Glad it made the trip north. I'll not miss it. Abigail likes little things. :>)