March 20, 2013

The Slightly Aggressive Texans

At home we love to feed our Fairbanks ducks throughout the year.  But in the cold, cold parts of winter the ducks really don't like to come out of the water where they are just above freezing (by the out take pipe from the city's power plant), to the freezing snow for snacks.
 So you can imagine the joy we all had when Grandma suggested we take an afternoon to go to her park and feed the Texan ducks.  Since Abigail's only experience with this activity is at home where our Alaskan ducks are fed a lot, are smaller, and very gentle, we were in for a surprise.  These Texas ducks were bigger, a little more aggressive and accompanied by a big goose who pretty much wanted to take Abigail's hand off.
 Humm, the popcorn we brought for them was gone fast and we quickly ran in the opposite direction.  That was interesting.
 But the day wasn't lost since Great-Grammie was there to make us laugh
And Grandma helped Abigail explore different parts of the park where there was a little less danger of loosing body parts.  We sure are happy not all areas of Texas are the same, we will stick with the less aggressive parts for sure!  


mother said...

That goose did have a bad attitude! Glad we escaped the day with all our fingers and toes (and noses) intact. Just remember--"EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!"

heath said...

oh man! did A get freaked out by the goose? did it honk at her??

She looks like she's grown a foot since I've seen her last!!! The pic with great grammie and Ethan is so sweet!!!

What a fun day in TX

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