March 11, 2013

The Reason

I have had a lot of people ask my why it is I would travel, by myself with an infant lap child and a toddler, from Alaska to Texas this year.
 Well, the answer really is simple.  I would travel anywhere I need to to enjoy the sun, the love, 
 the smiles, the family, the laughter, the chance for my kids to meet their extended family,
the scenery, the fun, and the time to slip away from life.  Yes, it is definitely worth the money, time and miles that are needed to get there.  Worth it indeed.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures-wonderful menories! carol

heather said...

MOST DEFINITELY!!! So glad you and the kiddos went...and got beautiful time with grammies and grandpas...and GREAT GRAMMIES!! What a blessing!

mother said...

Thanks for the memories thru these pics. I'm SO glad you made the effort, honey. SO SO glad.

mother said...

Looking again at that first picture--that double chin Ethan and I share must be a genetic mark of beauty!!! haha

Beth said...

Amen, sister. I'm about to tackle a 12 hour drive with the boys, by myself, to visit my parents for a week. I know parts of the trip will be a nightmare before we even start - but I also know that we will get through it and it will be fine and I will be SO glad that we went. :) (Just wish they still lived in the warm south! Then it was REALLY worth it!)