March 15, 2013

The Place To Get Lost

One store I love to go to, and really wish I had near me, is Ikea.  Lucky for me I get to go once a year since my parents have one near them.  Now this is a place where you wander around and around and around.  Oh how I love it, and oh how my dad hates it and nothing we could say or do could get him to go with us.  Lucky for me my mother also loves the maze this store is and so we went, twice.
 This year we found out that even though the whole store opens at 10am, you can get in the store and start wandering at 9:30am.  This is great with young kids.  Almost no one is in the store when the doors open and so we let our little girl run.  It was so fun watching her run from "room" to "room", bed to bed and when we finally got to the kids section the real fun began.
 Thus you can kind of understand why shortly after leaving the kids area Abigail found this basket and my "I love to be in all things small" girl climbed right in.
Happy her small charge was suddenly contained and happy, my mother picked up the basket, put it on her cart and we carried on.  No, I am not much of a shopper that is for sure but yes, I really do love this particular store.  It is ok that I can't really buy much since I am limited to luggage going home, just visiting the store is fun all by itself.

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heather said...

ha!!!! I love this!!!! I think it's hilarious that your momma just picked up the basket with Abigail in it, plopped it on the cart, and continued :) What fun!

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