March 29, 2013

In Preparation

Easter is by far my favorite holiday.  There is the promise of spring, bright colors, bunnies and most importantly the reminder of our salvation through grace.  Oh grace, how I have been learning more and more to accept and give grace to those around me.  In a world full of works, Easter is the day that reminds us that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, we can do to be accepted by God and filled with hope and peace.  Jesus did it all for us, all we have to do is accept that grace and mercy He gave us on the cross, and proved to us on Easter, by conquering death.

Yes, we certainly have been getting ready for Easter in so many ways.
The library has such a fun selection of Easter books that we all have been wrapped up in rabbit families that decorate eggs, little boys who care for the kindergarden bunny over Easter break, the missing eggs that must be found for Easter and oh so much more colorful and creative fun in those pages.
 And while Aunt Hillary was here we introduced Abigail to the world of egg decorations.
 Coloring was the name of the game this year and Abigail had a strong opinion about what should be colored on each one.  
She absolutely loved dropping the eggs into the different colored water.  We found the hardest part of this whole project was the waiting until we could drop new eggs into those cups full of beautiful colors.  Since this day Abigail has eaten a pretty colored egg each day.  She now is learning, and loves, to peel the hard boiled eggs herself.  I am seeing that dying eggs may be in our future a lot this year.  Colored eggs just might not be for only Easter any more!!
And in addition to egg dying, Aunt Hillary brought costumes for us all to enjoy.  Yes, we are certainly excited about this weekend and for Easter.   


mother said...

Thank God for the gift of life eternal he gave in the message of the empty tomb! The song of Easter rings out loud and clear in this home, as well.

heath said...

ha!!!! Ethan's mask is awesome!! so glad A loved coloring eggs :) we loved it too.....what a special memory with Aunt Hil!

heath said...

and you know, I love the idea of coloring eggs through out the year..not just easter. Why do we only do it for easter....this could be an every holiday or just for fun thing! great idea my friend!


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