March 28, 2013

For the Next Generation

When my sister and I were little we were in tap class.  During those memorable classes we learned a few songs that we still sing today.  One of them is the Hula Hula Baby song.  Since we were in Waikiki, HI this past November I have been teaching this song to Abigail.  She was happy to perform for her aunt this week.  

Yes, she still needs improvement on a few of the steps but I would say for being two, this is a good start.  We have to give her something memorable to pass on to her daughter some day!


Anonymous said...

Now that's some dancing! carol

heath said...

There are no words for the level of cuteness!!!! ha! love it! hopefully she made aunt Hil proud... :)

mother said...

Not only is the dancing terrific, but i certainly don't remember the little song being so sexy-sounding! (That is a new recording--haha) She did a great job even without the lei and grass skirt!