March 12, 2013

FIrst Taste

When we arrived in Texas Ethan was 5 1/2 months old.  Sticking to tradition, pediatric advice and such, Ethan had not yet started solid foods.
 But the first morning at my parents' house when I put Ethan in a high chair at the table with us and then gave him a toy to chew my parents protested.  "Look at him, you give him a toy when he wants food.  Feed the hungry boy."
When I visit my parents I try to just let things roll, it is only for a few days...right.  With reminding myself of this decision I let my dad give Ethan a piece of melon to chew on.  He loved it.
 Later that day mother started Ethan on to his first "real" solids.  Let me tell you, once this boy started, he didn't look back.
Since those first bites of avocado and applesauce our boy has gone on to eat sweet potato, banana, carrots, peaches, squash soup and more.  After already having a little girl who would NOT eat, it is an amazing thing to watch a baby open their mouth for the spoon.  What a fun start to all the tastes that are ahead.


heath said...

Love the video :) He really does seem happy and he sure does know what to do! He opens his mouth right up!!! Thanks for sharing :)

heath said...

It was great to see your momma too!!!!

mother said...

That video certainly showed little Ethan wondering WHAT was in his mouth that didn't slide down as easily as Mama's milk! Yikes, but it was effort! got much better by just the second mouthful, thank goodness!

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