March 18, 2013


When we visit my parents in Texas we get to see so much more family than just my parents.  It seems as the years have gone by more and more of my family has migrated to this southern state.  We love this because now when we do get to visit it means... 
Lots of play time with cousins.
It is the chance to meet family members for the first time who already love you.
It means being surrounded by a lot of people who can teach you all sorts of new things.
It is realizing that just about anything you imagine can be made out of constructs when your uncle helps you.
It means big kid puzzles aren't too hard when you have help.
And most of all it is learning that a day in the sunshine with ice tea, snacks and family really ends up being the best day one can have.


Anonymous said...

love love love


heath said...

how very fun!!!!!!

mother said...

what a motley crew we are! haha

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