March 27, 2013


One thing we love about our house is that is can adapt, change and work with what we need when we need it.  Since Thanksgiving our carpet has been rolled up and stored away and the table has been the center of our main room.
 But now that we have a little boy who likes to just roll around on the floor, sit up, play with toys and need to be active...the carpet came out.  With that we adjusted the room to fit these changing needs.  As we were looking at where to put things I had two requirements.  One, the carpet needed to be out for Ethan and two, the area in front of the windows had to be free for my plant table that was soon going to be set up.
 Working around high chairs, couches, toys, tables and such Josh managed to fulfill those two requests wonderfully.  I love how a room that is the same day after day can suddenly become something else entirely. Brings such a fresh and spring type feel to the house.
And as for how the kiddos have adapted to the change...I would say it has been just what they needed too.  Even since we did this rearranging and I took these pictures, Ethan is sitting, reaching and playing more and more.  Dare I say we might have a crawler soon?


mother said...

Love how you adapt the room and it feels exciting and new and adapts perfectly! Good to treat the Arctic Entry doorway as a wall for now, too. Good work!

Anonymous said...

I would have to admit it works very well!

heath said...

ohhhh how exciting!!! I think i like the table at the bottom of the steps! i LOVE all the light that is coming into the great room! so pretty!!!

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