February 5, 2013

Warm Winter Play

For years past the basement has been Josh's workshop but if you remember we changed the basement into more of a family room/play room this past summer.
 And as the winter has progressed I can honestly say that the switch has been wonderful.  Even Josh, who is the one who lost his work space, is thrilled with the space.  We find ourselves downstairs everyday running, playing, working on projects and of course...
swinging.  If you know Abigail, you know she LOVES to swing.  Well our little man has entered that world as well and seems to enjoy it just as much as his big sister.  Abigail has had to learn her biggest lesson so far in sharing when it comes to giving Ethan his time in the swing and she has done great with it.  With the warm woodstove, plenty of space, toys, crayons and imagination the winter days are slowly moving by full of play.

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heath said...

how wonderful the basement is...and I see carpet?! Love that you have 3 levels of a house to let the kids play...it's like entering a new world for them on each floor...a change of pace. I can imagine all the fun play time that happens downstairs :) love it for your kiddos!

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