February 27, 2013

Use for the Old

When I first moved into my log cabin while in grad school my mother mailed me a package from home full of things I could use.  In that box was an apron, wash rags, tea towels, pot holders and such.  Things she had extra of at her house and things I was in need in order to set up shop in my new home.  

Well, when mother lived with us this summer she got great laughs our of the fact that I still had a few tea towels from those days.  Towels that were already on the older side when she sent them to me back in 2004.  She begged me to get rid of them and just use my newer ones.  I smiled and just set those rags aside.  
And how thankful I am that I did.  You see, recently I have started making my family homemade cottage cheese.  One of the steps in making this treat is straining the curds from the Whey through cheese cloth, or in my case an old tea towel.
And once the cottage cheese has been made the tea towel goes in the laundry for the next time it is needed.  Yes, it might be old but it certainly still has plenty of uses left!


mother said...

Little Miss Muffet would be proud of the way you "repurpose" those thin and threadbare tea towels. I get a kick out of how it is now "green" and "politically correct" to be frugal and thrifty, using and re-using things in our lives. The way some of us have always lived, right?

heath said...

I like your moms comment... ;)glad you found a great use (that makes Josh happy) for those cloths :)

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