February 25, 2013

The Helper is Growing

I have mentioned before, but want to bring it up again, that whenever Abigail and I clash in during the day it is often because I am just trying to "get it done."  When I slow down and give her a job to help me out I find things go much smoother.  The other day I mentioned to someone what she does and they joked that all my girl does is work.  This isn't true but the work she does do she loves.
At this age she helps me cook by pouring in ingredients and stirring whatever I am cooking. She picks up toys, helps with sorting clothes and loading the washer, loves to dust with me, unloads part of the dishwasher, brings Ethan toys when he needs them and the newest and best is that she sets the table, napkins and all. 
Josh and I often talk about how we need to adapt what we are doing to her level so she can learn along side us in what we do.  Oh how hard this is as we rush through the duties each day holds and we have to remind ourselves, and each other, to implement these ideas daily.
And before you feel too bad for our girl keep in mind that the help always gets to lick the spoon!

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