February 19, 2013

The Art of Giving

Sometimes, even during the most joyful of days, hard lessons in life must be learned.
For Valentine's Day I helped the kids make Valentines for their Daddy at a workshop in town.  The valentines involved a lollypop, one of Abigail's most favorite things ever.  The day we made the valentines she had a small pop (a dum dum) and didn't think of the gifts to her daddy again until I put them on the table last Thursday night.
The sight of a pop so close to her and not being allowed to have it was very hard on our little girl.  The lesson of giving something to someone when you really want it yourself is such a difficult lesson to learn but one that is super important in life.  So we let her fuss, let her cry, comforted her and talked about gifts, giving and loving.
Lucky for her it was Valentine's Day and daddy wasn't the only one getting a present.  Daddy gave me the gift of a wonderful dinner and he also had other gifts to give, including one for his little girl.  As I look back on that night I smile at the outcome and wonder at the lessons she needs to learn in the future.  So many more than I can count or even know of.  Growing is hard but with grace, patience and love we will work through each challenge that lies ahead.


Anonymous said...

Good Job, Kathleen! Teaching good (and hard lessons) early in life! I love you and think you are a great mom!

heather said...

Oh the life lessons-you are such a good momma and even though it's hard, you do the right things for your kiddos. I admire that!

I was blown away by that cupcake table cloth! How does A control herself? I think Caroline would try and EAT that!!!!

Love that Josh made you guys such a wonderful meal ;)

mother said...

Oh that all life's lessons were teachable without the tears--but, well....that's LIFE.

That hungry boy is still sitting with a toy instead of a plate. haha

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