February 14, 2013

Not Just For Christmas Any More

Most of my life I have thought of cut out cookies as something that is enjoyed at Christmas time.  Now that I have children I am learning quite the opposite.
 With Abigail at my side I am learning that cut outs don't just come in trees and candy canes but also can be found as ducks, eggs, four leaf clovers, pumpkins and yes, hearts.
 Abigail was so very excited that mama could make cookies in the shape of hearts.  She has also learned that the oven has a light.  She gets so excited to watch things bake.
A little pink buttercream frosting made these treats Abigail's most favorite of all cut outs I do believe.  Happy Valentines Day to you all!


heath said...

Very fun!!! So she wanted them with icing this time around? I'm remembering at Christmas I think it was when she just wanted to eat them plain (she didn't know any differently). Very fun day with the family :) Caroline also loves the oven light and will say, "Watch!"

Kathleen Klynstra said...

No, Abigail didn't know any different. Josh is the one that wanted the frosting:-)

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