February 15, 2013

Like Mama

The other day I was wearing Ethan in the moby and looked over and saw Abigail like this.
She was trying so hard to put the ergo on so that she could carry her babies.  Oh how she makes me laugh, guess I need to get that scarf back out so she can carry her babies in the sling whenever her "children" get fussy.


heath said...

hahah!!!!! Love that girl!!! She's such a little YOU at times...what a blessing to have her looking up to you!

mother said...

Oh how I laughed at her!! She is so puzzled as she attempts to put that awkward, too large Ergo on. She can fit in it herself and now she is trying to WEAR it! Such a thinking child. That's what makes her a challenge. I just love her!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look at that FACE!

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