February 12, 2013

For What She Does

Sometimes when things get hard the best way to turn things around is to do things differently.
Last Tuesday I was at a loss at how I was loosing control of my own household.  What had worked in our lives before just wasn't working at the moment, something had to change.  For us that change came in the form of a blank piece of paper taped to our refrigerator.  That little paper and the promise of stickers has transformed our little girl and for the moment is working!  How thankful I am for that!  Thank you all to those who prayed, encouraged and cheered us on during a few hard days.  Amazing how bright colored stickers can help make so many people happy!


Anonymous said...

STICKERS are so fun! Welcome to the world of stickers Abigail.
Love you Kathleen!

mother said...

I remember how much fun you had with stickers and sticker books! Trading, mixing, rearranging. Remember the special bubble, oil-filled ones??

heath said...

you are such a great momma!! kiddos need us to be able to think outside the box once in a while and you did a great job rising to the occasion. i'm always learning from you!

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