February 18, 2013

Five Months

Ethan had his five month birthday last week but I have been waiting to this post for him until I was able to get his current weight.  But I can now report that as of last Friday our little boy weighs exactly 20lbs.  What a chunk he is.  
This weight is to his advantage when there are things that he really wants.  His tactic for reaching something is to just throw himself at it and with his weight behind him it is hard to stop.  This often happens when there is food involved.  This boy is still 100% breastfed but let me tell you he is getting ready for food.  He is at the reaching, grabbing and intensely watching stages of getting ready for the food that is going to come.

Our boy also is doing amazing at sitting on his own.  I remember at this age Abigail was grabbing her toes.  Ethan isn't doing that yet because of the size of his girth I believe but he does crawl/creep forward when he is on his stomach and roll about.

Ethan loves his toys.  Loves them I say.  His little ball from his grammie Klynstra is by far his favorite.  He loves the exersaucer and the toys it offers and the time at the table with is toys piled in front of him brings lots of laughs.

I know I say this a lot but we really do have a happy boy.  He laughs and grins all day long.  His favorite person is his sister.  These two certainly love each other for sure. 

Oh my little boy, who is growing too fast, I love you so.


heath said...

love this sweet chubby picture of him!! he just looks so happy (like you said)...and 20 lbs!!! oh my!! can't wait to squeeeeze him!! Love the overhauls too!! I must admit it's so fun to see boys clothes when I'm in surrounded by pinks and purples

mother said...

He is just TOO CUTE!!!!!

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