February 8, 2013

Finding the Causes

So things have been a little hard at our house, but I am sure you have picked up on it from the last few blog posts.
 And where some of the problems we are dealing with are hard, complicated, emotional and take a lot of struggle to figure out, this little man's problem isn't that big.
 His grumpiness is all do to the fact that he has started early into the world of pearly whites.
 Last week he was so unhappy but I didn't even start to think for a minute that it could be teething since is just 5 months old today.  But alas he proved me wrong and cut his first tooth last Saturday.
Even though his issues last week have been answered he does want to remind everyone that teething isn't pleasant at all!  Oh my boy, Happy 5 months, you only have 19 more baby teeth to go. 


mother said...

Poor, poor sad Ethan. I so rarely see him upset, even on ichat. And Josh is grinning behind him. Hardhearted Daddy!

My Rx for all of you is a trip to sunshine and shorts and sandals and playgrounds..... that will cure just about any woes.

heath said...

ohhhhhhhhh buddy...I wanna hug him!!!!!! Too bad he's still so so cute when he's crying ;)how is he these days?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Ethan did great for a few days but now a second tooth is coming in, poor guy. Looking forward to it's arrival.

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