February 11, 2013

A Table For Four

When Ethan was first born he would hang out in his bouncy seat when it was dinner time.  Then as he grew too restless at having to lay down he moved into his exersaucer.  This brought him great joy, until recently.  You see, Ethan has grown more and more fond of food.  He loves to look at it, watch us eat it, smell it and reach for it.  During our meals when he was down at floor level look up at us he was very frustrated.
So the other day we pulled out of storage our second high chair.  Abigail claimed that new one and Ethan moved into hers, at the table.  Let me tell you, having both kids there with us is so very much fun.  Ethan loves his time at the table.  Even though he isn't eating food yet he is part of us, at our level, part of our conversations, and can interact with us.  That first night that we were a family of four at the table brought so much joy and a glimpse at our life with this two kids as they grow.  At this point Josh and I can not even begin to predict when we will ever have a quiet meal together again but as much of a circus meal times can be they are a family affair.  That part I really do love.


mother said...

As family life marches on, new patterns emerge and become natural. Like Ethan at the table. Soon he will be chowing down and showing his big sister how it's done!

heath said...

yay!!! big boy! this family time spent around the table will be such a blessing to all over the years. family meals are definitely a time i want to always place importance on. love how beautifully you all fit around the round table

heather said...

by the way, I think there is room for like atleast 3 more around that table :)