January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

In the past I have written out my goals for the new year on the blog.  I then had the chance to look back at them through the year and see just where I was in my year, if my goals were the same, and if I was accomplishing what I had set out to do. I am happy to do this again.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2013
(In no particular order)

Be more intentional about doing sit down projects/crafts with Abigail.

Successfully grow potatoes again, after two bad years I need to back back on track

Live for today and this year, don't let the idea of older kids and more financial security of the future stop us from enjoying the here and now for 2013.

Try cooking at least one, maybe even two, new recipes a month to spice things up a little

Explore more Fairbanks activities, especially in the summer, with the kids

Continue working towards being debt free.  This has been a long road but we are getting closer to the end each month, don't give up hope!

Do more family outings.

Move Abigail to a twin bed and Ethan into the nursery sometime this year (imagining a lot of sleepless nights as a result of these two goals but I need to do it regardless)

Take the time, and be creative, to go on more dates with Josh

Help Josh harvest wood this summer for preparation for next winter (this can not be considered a date).

Work with Josh at keeping us health and in shape so we can enjoy life (this could be date material).

A glance back at previous goals:


heath said...

this blog made me smile...and i loved looking back at 2010 (pre A) and then 2012....what happened to 2011?

maybe this year you'll raise chickens?

what great goals you have!!!! you inspire me!

Kathleen Klynstra said...

2011 is missing because I had just had Abigail a few weeks before and I think at that point my only goal for the year was try to get more than a hour of sleep at one time. Happy I have been able to move past that:-)

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