January 22, 2013

Time in the Quiet

Josh is gone today.  He left yesterday morning with a group of friends to go on an overnight snowmanchine trip to a cabin up north.  The kids and I have had fun, visited with friends, played together and just over all just got things done.  You might think that with Josh away for the evening that I would use that time after the kids were in bed to work on blog posts.  I myself had thought I would do that but alas, that is not what I did.  Instead after I tucked each sleeping child in I stoked the fire, hung some laundry and then as I walked towards the computer I passed my book.  I did not make it any further.  Instead of the more length and elaborate blog posts that could of been written I read and how wonderful it was.  How I have missed having a time to sit in a quiet house and absorb words from a good book.  So even though the plan for writing multiple posts didn't pan out I do feel calm, refreshed and full of thankfulness that my book was in place just before the computer.  I hope in the days to come this feeling of peace will remain with me until I can once again find a little bit of time to enjoy the quiet and a good book.
And just for fun I have attached this little video.  It was taken a few days ago and helps to remind me of the joys of being an energetic toddler.


Sharon said...

I'm thinking it is the book I just recommended...hope it is! Good reading!

heath said...

TALK ABOUT A SERIOUS TUTU!!!! wow!!! thanks for the video...always love these.

so glad you got to enjoy a good relaxing evening with a book! leaving the computer behind sometimes is a must!

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