January 17, 2013

The Warm Winter Day

Usually the weather in Fairbanks, Alaska in January is cold, a warm day is around -20.  But if you read that line again you will see that I said "usually".  You see this past week has been a weird one for us.  Sunday and Monday found our temperatures jumping up into the 30's, that is 30 degrees ABOVE zero.  Honestly, this makes for horrible winter weather for driving.
But it does make wonderful winter weather for making snowmen.  Another one of Fairbanks' traits is that because it is so cold it is very dry.  Usually, we can sweep our snow easily with a broom it is so dry.  Monday's heat wave brought a wetter snow to our house and one that Josh and Abigail were very excited about.
All bundled up these two headed out as soon as Josh got home from work.  After watching dad work a little Abigail started to figure out that snowballs were not just for eating but were also for building.  Josh did tell me that she tried to pick her ball up several times and drop it, which just caused it to break, but soon she figured out how to roll it.
And armed with a carrot and scarf from inside these two people of mine built a snowman.
This outdoor adventure made Abigail so happy.  She has since asked to make another every day since but the weather has once again changed and the snow will no longer pack.  Maybe in March or April when things warm up again we will have another day of making a snowman.


mother said...

These have to be some of the best pics of little A. she is wondering what her Daddy is doing in the first picture but then she GETS it! the last one of her with her snowman is the BEST!!! Just love this post. What a fun Daddy!!!!

heath said...

love the daddy/daughter moments. So special to our girls. A looks so cute all bundled up too! Did you guys make it to the Ice Park this year?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

Ice park isn't open yet, soon, when I am away I think. We will probably check it out when I get home from our trip.

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