January 16, 2013

The Shape of Love

For Christmas my mother gave me a heart shaped mold for cooking with.  
The other morning Abigail helped me make pancakes and I decided to try it out.  Following a friend's advice, I made sure the mold was well coated with cooking spray and the pancake came out just great.
Abigail was super excited to have "cake" for breakfast and that I was serving it to her in the shape of a heart.  That joy lead to her enjoying her "cake" directly off the griddle.  What a fun way to start our day.


mother said...

What could be better to a wee girl than a warm, soft pancake? One shaped like a heart, of course!

heath said...

What a great looking pancake! Will you be using it tomorrow???

Does A put anything on her 'cakes'? or do you for her rather? syrup?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

I usually just do pancakes/french toast on the weekends when Josh is home. And nope, abigail doesn't get syrup. She usually eats the first one right off the griddle and then the second, if she can, with just butter. Our girl loves her butter.

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