January 2, 2013

The Clean Up

In early December when it is time to decorate for Christmas there is always so much excitement.  For a few weeks we enjoy bright lights, colorful decorations and sparkly flourish that fills the house.
 But after Christmas the question comes, when do we "take down" Christmas.  In our case the tree decided this for us.
 You see Alaskan trees that are cut from the wild are just black spruce and frozen solid when cut.  Thus  they soak up NO water during their time inside and are indeed dead trees from day one.  So even though we had the tree up high where the kids couldn't reach it we still heard the needles falling all day, every day.  The day after Christmas it was time for it to come down.
Due to the extensive needle clean up that was involved, Josh and I decided to just take turns cleaning the tree and keeping the kiddos out of the clean up process.  As sad as it is to pack up Christmas we are ready for the fresh start that the new year brings, the fresh feeling that anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is a cute picture of you with the kids. Ethan is just beautiful and Abigail is as adorable and quirky as always! Miss you guys!

mother said...

Pretty picture of you and the kids. Such good lookers!!!! Did the dry needles at least smell piney or did they not even have that redeeming quality?

mother said...

Comment continued: I remember vacuuming up pine needles in Jan and then the sweeper smelled like wonderful balsam for many weeks to come, until I changed the bag. Mmmmmmmm, nice fragrance. but they were usually balsam trees from the Patnode's tree farm nearby.

heath said...

Great pic first of all...secondly, i have to laugh at your description of the constant needle falling...must have been like raining...sad to see the lights go isn't it?

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