January 4, 2013

The Beauty of It All

As I have traveled around different parts of the world I am amazed at all of the different kinds of beauty that I see.
Visiting Hawaii's tropical world was no different.  No matter where we went when we were there we were there we were amazed by the trees.  Just amazing trees.  Huge with big canopies to provide shade on hot days.  
Some of the trees had such huge branches that new roots would grow down from the end of the branches and provide new roots to help support the weight.
In addition to the trees there was the rest of that tropical world to admire.
The local beauty as well as the imported.  We saw so many peacocks which were a Japanese influence that the last queen of Hawaii had loved.  We learned that in India peacocks are raised for food but in Hawaii they are sacred and can not be harmed.  
Abigail was very disappointed at this no harm rule as she loved to chase them.
We love where we live in Alaska but when it is cold, dark and deep into winter, the fresh colors of the tropics is so refreshing.
We didn't know the names of most of what we were admiring but that was really ok.  The music was sweet to hear regardless of our knowledge.
The beauty that surrounded us, filled us and sent us back home full of memories of those warm, colorful days full of songs.


mother said...

Lovely pictures. When you look at them I'll bet you can smell the sweet fragrance and feel the warm breezes that are Hawaii. I could go there in a heartbeat!

heath said...

oh how lovely!!! i love all the photos and descriptions..and where did A learn to chase peacocks from?

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree that those are the biggest trees we ever saw too! Fun pictures.

Uncle Jonathan said...

Those are doves. And they ARE for food :)

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