January 25, 2013

That Nutty Flavor

At our house Josh and Abigail drink cow milk but I can not.  Since I commonly buy almond milk I decided one day last week to look into exactly what I needed to make it myself.
 Well, I found that all I needed was a cup of almonds and water.  I really do love when I figure out that something from the store, that I thought could only be obtained from the store, is really easy to just make at home.
 Abigail too thought thought fresh almond milk from her mama's kitchen was wonderful.  Maybe she will be switching back, since she herself couldn't have cow's milk for the first 19 months of her short life. After discussing the almond milk process, Josh and I decided to run some numbers to see what the cost of almond milk at home was vs the 1/2 gallon purchased at the store.   Much to our dismay we found that the cost of the raw almonds we needed were more expensive than buying the almond milk at the store when it is on sale, which happens frequently it seems.  How very frustrating is that idea.
But with the great taste of almond milk on our lips we decided to carry on in hopes that raw almonds themselves go on sale soon.  Because when it comes to the thought of drinking something that was made from scratch, and knowing just what is in what we are eating, no price can really compare.


mother said...

Could be an ad: Got almonds? ;-)

heath said...

I was just thinking along the lines of your momma....I would much rather look at adorable A with a milk mustache than all the random people they put on these adds...

So was the process super easy? Almonds def are very expensive but I find that there seems to be lots of coupons online and in paper for them? is it the same up there? (i know you coupon on computer). Regardless, job well done!! did it taste the same? better?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

tastes different but good. Abigail absolutely loves it and I love seeing her eat something made of just almonds and water. No extras additives of anything in it. As for the price of almond, I am waiting for them to go on sale.