January 8, 2013

Our New Night Life

While in Hawaii we found ourselves having a little routine each day.  The kids would get up around 6/6:30, we would head to the beach by 7:30, be back at the hotel for snack around 9, then naps, then lunch, than an afternoon activity with the day rounding out back at the hotel for dinner around 6 and bedtime at 7.  Not every day was like this but most were and it just worked well.  We were so very thankful for a hotel room with a full kitchen and the chance to cook all of our meals there.  Small children and restaurants are anything but relaxing and fun to me.
One night we found ourselves back "home" earlier than usual.  Thus the kids were fed, bathed and ready for bed around 6:30.  Since we had done all this before they started an overtired melt down we decided to take them out the see the "night life" of Waikiki.  Dressed in their PJ's we went for our evening stroll along the beach, looked at all the Christmas lights on the buildings, the lights from the boats out at sea, enjoyed seeing people dressed up for dinner and wondered at what their evenings on vacation looked like.  We were back to the hotel room by 7:30 with two tired and mellow kids and two parents who felt refreshed from some evening air and a lot of laughter.  Gotta love the fact that we defined our "night life" as being out past 7, tis the season of our life!  


heath said...

it's all relative right?

love that the pirate face shows up all times of the days :) Ethan looks like he's able to sit up pretty well in the BOB. i'm impressed!

what a fun, spontaneous moment!

mother said...

Someday you'll look back on the not-even-dark-yet nightlife and laugh a bit!! But, what works, works and the fact that you even enjoyed a vacation with 2 wee ones and no nanny was super!

mother said...

Just another thought-I would be a willing nanny to Hawaii any time--at a moment's notice, even. haha
I'm a little hula hula baby....