January 21, 2013

Original Taste

I am not someone who enjoys drinking but there is one reason I will venture into our local liquor store.
That is to purchase vodka to make homemade vanilla extract.  I tried it at first on the desire to see if it would really be any different than store bought and now I am sold.  This vanilla made here in my kitchen makes each item cooked with it taste richer, more flavorful and overall much better.  I never knew how much 1 tsp of vanilla in a baked item could change the taste so much.  Good-bye store bought vanilla, never again will I buy it.  So inspired by my vanilla I now have peeled and sliced almonds soaking in vodka to make my own almond extract.  

If you are so inclined to make your own this is all that is required:
Purchase a bottle of vodka
Place in it about  6 whole vanilla beans (bigger bottles require more and smaller less, use your best judgement)
Put the bottle of soaking beans in the dark for 3 months
Take the bottle out and give it a good shake and you now have vanilla extract
When your vanilla starts running low add more vodka to your bottle and give the bottle another shake.

I promise you will love this new addition to your cooking.


mother said...
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Beth said...

I just made this for Christmas gifts this year! We started it in ...May, I think? One bottle of vodka got me about 10 small bottles of vanilla to gift away. I actually had shared the vodka bottle with a friend, so I guess it would have made 20 of the small bottles? Anyway, it smells SO good, and I agree - tastes better, too! My sister-in-law is experimenting with orange and lemon rind/zest in vodka as well for flavoring. I hadn't even thought of almond! Awesome! :)

heath said...

How did the almond extract turn out?? As lovely as the vanilla?

Kathleen Klynstra said...

almond extract still has another month to sit before it can be used. But I am excited for when we can start cooking with it!

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