January 23, 2013

Never Gets Old

When Abigail was super small she started climbing into things.
At 7 months it was her toy basket, with a little help from daddy
At 12 months it was her ever shrinking toy basket with no help from anyone
At 15 months she was still at it and found the task of climbing in the toy bin much more enjoyable at Grandma's house where the toy box was bigger.
And this fascination with emptying a box and then climbing in herself and not been something she has outgrown at all.  The other day I looked around the corner of the kitchen and saw her like this.  All of her books had been removed from the book box and she had happily replaced them.  Oh how I laugh at this girl and the things she does.

1 comment:

heather said...

Golly---she's adorable!! I love when you do posts that show older pics of your girl. Seems seriously not that long ago that the other pictures were taken and I feel like I remember reading those blogs...She's so funny! Good picture opp for sure! Great gift from Laura too!

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