January 7, 2013

My Revolution

I saw Les Mis with the broadway cast while in college.  Ever since I heard that it was coming to the big screen I have really been excited to see it.  I know and love this show, the characters, words to the songs and story.  Well, this weekend I was able to go on a special trip, by myself, to the movies.  

After I put Ethan to bed on Saturday night I headed into town for a late night showing.  As I walked past couples on dates, groups of college students, and families herding their kids (what where they doing there that late?) I felt like a queen in disguise.  No one there knew that I was out on for an evening on my own and how big a deal this was.  No one knew that I had a toddler and infant at home being watched over by my husband. No one knew just what a treat this was for me, but I did!

I loved the movie.  The singing, acting, story, the way it was adapted from stage to the big screen was great.  It did take me a little bit to get used to the difference in the stage music to the way they sang the songs in the movie but once I accepted it for what it was, it was wonderful.

Late, late that night as I was coming home I kept running through the movie in my mind.  The thing that struck me the most, and very unexpectedly, was the young men fighting to start a revolution in France.  Through all my years of watching and listening to this show I have never really focused on them, understood them or appreciated them like I did after this weekend.  The images of a country so full of inequality, starvation,  class ranks and injustice with the knowledge of what that country is today was striking to me.  It made me think of the people all through history, and even today, fighting so that there can be equality and justice in their homelands.

As these characters fought, lost their families, their lives and started to see defeat they held strong to their dream.  It made me wonder if I could do that.  Could I fight to the death for such a cause as my country?  What am I made of if I say I don't think I am?  I look at my life and realize I would fight to the death for my children and I would fight for my faith but is there more in my life that I would fight as hard for?  What would my revolution be?


mother said...

Good thoughts. As I came sniffling out of the movie the other night my thoughts were not as deep as yours. Thanks for these ideas that I will dwell on for awhile.

heath said...

wow--who knew a movie outing alone would bring such deep thoughts...

i smiled as i imagined you strolling into the theater feeling so good...and excited...so free for a few hours :) and i laughed when you wrote (what were those kids doing up so late!)...such new perspective as parents...

so glad you enjoyed the movie ;) did you get POPCORN?