January 31, 2013

Just for Her

The plan is for the kids and me to take a trip together at the end of February.  Both kids are now seasoned travelers and have always done well on flights but you never know.  Even though we aren't leaving for weeks I have been preparing a little bit here and there for awhile already.  One such preparation has been to make Abigail a backpack of her very own to carry her own snacks and entertainment.
With this thought in mind I called a good friend of mine to see if she had a pattern for me that I might use.
Well, the next day I received an email from my friend with a picture of the finished backpack.  She was so sweet to make it for Abigail herself.
She said that when she thought of all the distractions I had it would take me a long time to make this small project when she could do it in just a few hours.  
We are so thankful for her, her skills and creativity.  The backpack is wonderful.  Whenever we leave leave the house Abigail now has it on.  In it I keep some snacks, books, a doll or toy and on the occasion when she is alone with Josh it holds an extra pair of pants and panties, just in case.  It works perfectly and with the chance for Abigail to fall in love with it over the next few weeks it is bound to help us in our travels together.


Mother said...

Karen is amazing and SOOO thoughtful! What a blessing to have such a creative friend.

heather said...

HOW CUTE IS THAT???!!!! I just saw your moms post..I was wondering if it was Karen, Jeannie, or Beret. Such a fun gift and a blessing! Can't wait to see it in person!

wow--A's hair is getting LONG!

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